Sunday, September 27, 2009

Money Making Opportunity

A good friend of mine once said that when you turn a hobby into a work, then it’s not a hobby any more. His definition of hobby is “You can choose to do and not to do whenever you like and you are not bound by anything especially time.” It’s very much different from my opinion as I believe that if you can make a hobby into your work, that means you’re just doing what you love and it just won’t feel like work. As my friend starts explaining further, I began to understand what he’s trying to bring out.
The main reason behind this is that we have to make clear between the things that we do either business or hobby. Psychologically it really affects the work that we do. When you treat your blog as a hobby, your work will very much affected by your feelings or emotion. It’s an activity that you do when you feel right about it. When you’re not in the mood, sick or having a bad day, blogging can be ignore and put it aside. In other words, consistency may not be there. You might just take a month or maybe a year off from blogging. It becomes an activity of want to, not need to.
When you treat blogging as a business instead of a hobby, your focus and intention will be very much different. It becomes an activity that you must do no matter what happen. That because it involves responsibility, money, commitment and people. It becomes part of your life. It becomes an activity that you rely on to actually feel alive.
This is very important because if you set your mind right, making money blogging can be easy. You can have all the techniques and knowledge of making money blogging but it won’t happen unless you start thinking straight and put some action on it. Once you start thinking serious and treat blogging a business, you’ll wake up in the morning just like everybody else at 9am and suit up to write your post. If you can treat blogging as a 5 day work with 9 to 5 working hour, I’m sure you’ll be very much close to success. It shouldn’t be too hard. All you need to do is just applying the same mind set as if you’re employed. Set a target of minimum hours required for blogging each week and stick to it. A goal and a right mind set is all we need. View Details :
Most of us or perhaps all of us write blog at home. Being able to blog from the comfort of home is nice but it is also consider as distraction. The bed is close as you can sleep any time as long as you want; TV is there with lots of great channel, not to mention online facilities that enable chatting and playing games. All these are distraction and will keep you from blogging. Once you treat blogging as business, you’re basically telling yourself this is serious work and no fooling around until I get the job done. View Details :

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