Sunday, September 27, 2009

Earn Money For Promoting

Now, here is the best offerI have three offers here.
1. Create a squidoo or a hub page to promote this product with your own affiliate code and promote it through at-least 2 ezine articles. I will pay you $5 for just doing that. This is valid for very limited period of time. So, do it today. View Detials
2. For first 5 sales, get 100% of earnings. I get nothing.
3. For people who are willing to promote it though PPC, let me know. You will get 100% of the earnings for your first 10 sales. Let me know before hand.
4. The person who will make highest number of sales in next 30 days will get $100 cash.
Now, do you think can anybody beat this offer? Go, get it!

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