Sunday, September 27, 2009

Make money online selling

Have you ever thought about making money online selling ebooks? Yes, surely we can make money online selling other people ebook even if you don’t have time or skills to create an ebook of your own. This is all possible with affiliate marketing.
Working as an affiliate, we add links or banners for ebooks related to our blog niche and earn some fixed amount of money as a commission for each sale generated through our affiliate link. So start looking for some websites that sells ebooks and are accepting affiliates in your blog niche where you are able to make some amount of money for each sale generated by you. One of affiliate websites you can try for this purpose is Clickbank.
Simply go to Clickbank marketplace and make search with some of top keywords related to your niche. Now go though the results and find 2-3 ebook products with good landing page, high gravity, high payout, low refund rate and good future. We are able to make 50% to 75% working as an affiliate with Clickbank. So if you are able to sell an ebook with a price tag of $100, we will be able to earn from $50 to $75 for selling this ebook which is not a small amount. So we can think of making $500 to $750 every month for selling 10 ebooks of this range.
So now start promoting these ebooks by adding banners and links for these ebooks on your blogs and websites header, footer, sidebar or within posts if you already have a popular blog. You can even think of writing some promotional articles around these ebooks on blogs created around these products.
Once you have all the valuable information with your affiliate links live on your blog, its time to promote these products in search engines. Here are some easy ways one can adopt to promote these products in blogs specially created around these products:
- Create a seo optimized title and description for your blog and especially for that page covering an ebook you actually want to sell. Details :
- Write some quality articles around the ebook product you want to sell though your blog
- Submit your quality blog posts on top social bookmarking websites like Digg,, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Humsurfer, Yahoo Buzz etc
- Add some more articles around the ebook you are promoting and submit them on Ezine submission websites like,,, and and bring some quality traffic to the landing pages where you are actually selling ebook.
- Find some Dofollow blogs in your niche and leave valuable feedback there with a link back to the keywords you are aiming at getting top rankings in search engines.
- Find some bloggers in your niche and approach them for guest blogging. When someone allows you for guest blogging on their blogs, write a quality post and promote your main keywords you are targeting in the signature section. Details :


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