Friday, January 18, 2008

Earn Money Online Survey

What is qSample Paid Surveys?
qSample Paid Surveys is an online portal that connects Market Research companies with users who agree to take surveys and get paid for their time.
Registering with qSample Paid Surveys is FREE.
How It Works
- Register with qSample Paid Surveys- Verify your email address- We'll send you emails for taking surveys- Complete the surveys and you'll get paid

What's the catch?
Companies are always interested in gathering feedback on new products and services. They want "ordinary" consumers to voice their opinions on new products before they are released to the general public. Your opinion is valuable.
After registering for qSample Paid Surveys, you are invited to take online surveys via email. Every time you complete a survey, you get paid.
What about privacy? Will I get SPAM emails if I register to take surveys?
No - You can control the number of surveys you receive in a month. Moreover, we will never give out identifying information (like email addresses) to anyone -- not even the market research companies conducting the surveys.

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